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Ferry booking for Van! Planning a trip with your van and looking for the ideal transport solution? A ferry crossing offers a convenient and flexible option for van owners. Find out everything you need to know about booking a ferry ticket for your van or commercial vehicle.

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Ferry booking for vans

Ferry Ticket with Van:

Booking a ferry ticket with a van is the key to a hassle-free trip. Whether you’re a professional transporting goods or an adventurer seeking new horizons, finding the right ferry company is essential.

Ferry Companies Accepting Vans:

Choose the most reputable ferry companies that accept vans. The company’s reputation, quality of service and flexibility of timetables are all factors to consider when making your choice.

Ferry Crossing Services for Vans:

Discover dedicated van ferry services. Some ferries offer dedicated spaces for commercial vehicles, priority boarding services and other benefits to make your journey even more enjoyable.

Ferry schedules for commercial vehicles

Plan your trip by consulting the ferry schedules for commercial vehicles. Make sure the timetable matches your needs and itinerary, guaranteeing a smooth crossing.

Conditions for ferry travel with a freight van

To book a ferry for your freight van, please contact us directly.

The conditions for traveling by ferry with a van full of goods can vary from one ferry company to another, and also depend on the specific regulations of the country or region where you are making the crossing. However, here are some general conditions you may encounter when booking a ferry with a van:


Declaration of goods:

You may be required to declare the type of goods you are carrying. Some items may be subject to restrictions or require special authorizations.

Compliance with safety standards:

Make sure that the goods carried in your van comply with the safety standards set by the ferry company and maritime authorities.

Safe packing:

Goods must be properly packed to ensure their safety during the crossing. Some items may require special packaging.

Compliance with customs regulations:

If you are crossing international borders, make sure you comply with current customs regulations. Appropriate customs documents may be required.

Van identification:

Van details, including dimensions and weight, will be required at the time of booking. Make sure your van meets the ferry company’s specifications.

Cargo space booking:

If you’re transporting bulky goods, you’ll need to book a specific cargo space for your van. This ensures that your goods are properly secured during the crossing.

Compliance with safety rules on board:

Once on board, follow the crew’s instructions regarding van parking and any other safety protocols.

Dangerous goods information:

If you are carrying dangerous goods, such as chemicals, fuels, etc., strict rules will apply. You will probably have to indicate these goods at the time of booking and follow specific procedures.


It’s very important to check the specific conditions of the ferry company you choose, as well as applicable local and international regulations. Contact us directly for all the information you need. By complying with these conditions, you’ll help ensure a safe and hassle-free crossing with your van and its cargo.

Ferry booking for van

Pick-up trucks

Pickup trucks of various sizes, including light, intermediate and heavy models, are commonly permitted.

Ferry booking for van


Vans, including light commercial vehicles, are generally allowed on ferries, offering an option for individual travelers and small businesses.

Ferry booking for van

Passenger vehicles with luggage

Minibuses or vans for transporting passengers with luggage may also be authorized, particularly on ferries carrying passengers and vehicles.

Ferry booking for van

Freight van

Freight vans, often used for the commercial transport of goods, are generally allowed on most ferries routes. You must contact us to book your cargo van ticket.

Which ferry companies offer van crossings?

We work with several reputable ferry companies that accept reservations for vans, ensuring a variety of options to meet your specific travel needs. Make your online reservation directly on our booking system above.

What are the average prices for a ferry ticket with a van?

Ferry tickets vary depending on the company, the distance and the size of your van. Use our booking tool to get accurate estimates and find the best deals available.

What are the main steps to book a ferry with my van?

To book, go to our online booking system. Select your itinerary, enter your van details, choose your travel options, and finalize your booking in just a few clicks. Book your ferry now

What are the benefits of traveling with my van by ferry rather than by road?

Travelling by ferry offers a unique, relaxed and often more economical experience. Enjoy flexible schedules, avoid overcrowded roads, and discover scenic routes.

What documents do I need to book a ferry with a van?

Generally, you’ll need your usual travel documents, as well as specific information about your van, such as dimensions and weight.

Can I transport goods in my van, and what are the restrictions?

Yes, you can transport goods. To ensure a safe crossing, please consult our guidelines on permitted cargo, packaging and space requirements. If you are transporting goods in your Van, please contact us for booking. 

Authorized Goods Guidelines :

Type of Goods Allowed:

Some ferry companies may have restrictions on the types of goods allowed on board. Generally, common goods such as furniture, sports equipment, parcels, etc., are accepted.

Dangerous Goods:

If you are carrying dangerous goods, such as chemicals, fuels or flammable substances, strict rules apply. You must declare these goods when booking and follow the specific procedures.

Necessary packaging :

Secure packing:

Make sure your goods are properly packed and secured to prevent damage during the crossing. Sturdy packaging is essential, especially if your goods are shock-sensitive.

Clear Labeling:

Label your packages clearly and legibly. This makes it easier to identify and process goods during loading and unloading.

How can I ensure the safety of my van during the crossing?

Follow safety instructions from the crew, make sure your van is properly secured, and be aware of the safety rules on board. Consult our guide to safe travel.

Can I change my ferry booking with my van if plans change?

Absolutely, most reservations can be modified. Please consult the conditions for modification on our website and contact us by phone if necessary.

What ferry times are available for commercial vehicles?

Check our online calendar for ferry schedules dedicated to commercial vehicles. We strive to provide flexible schedules to suit your travel needs.

What precautions should I take before boarding the ferry with my van?

Prepare yourself with confidence by following our list of precautions. Make sure you have all the necessary documents, check your van, and get ready for a smooth crossing.

We're here to make your van ferry booking experience as smooth as possible. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. Enjoy your trip!