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Anek Lines is a Greek shipping company founded in 1967 and offering ferry services in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas. The company is known for providing safe and reliable ferry services, combined with modern facilities and a wide range of on-board services, such as lounges, entertainment, WiFi, shops and bars, making its ferries a pleasant and comfortable experience during the journey.

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Countries and Ports served by Anek Lines

Anek Lines offers services to Greece and Italy.

Ports served by Anek in Greece

In Greece, Anek serves the ports of Anafi, Chalki, Chania, Corfu, Diafani, Heraklion, Igoumenitsa, Karpathos, Kassos, Milos, Patras, Piraeus, Rhodes, Santorini and Sitia.

Ports served by Anek in Italy

In Italy, Anek serves the ports of Ancona, Bari and Venice.

The Anek Lines fleet

Anek owns 7 ferries with a capacity of up to 2500 passengers and 850 vehicles. The Anek fleet consists of the following vessels:

  • El. Venizelos
  • Elyros
  • Hellenic Spirit
  • Kriti I
  • Kriti II
  • Olympic Champion
  • Prevelis

Types of vehicles accepted on Anek Lines

It is possible to board Anek ferries with a car, motorbike, camper van, van or as a pedestrian.
Vehicles can also be equipped with a trailer, caravan or roof rack (bicycle rack, roof box, etc.), provided they are declared at the time of booking.

Facilities on Anek Lines ferries


Anek offers two, three and four bed cabins, with or without portholes.

Luxury cabins

The luxury cabins of Anek ferries have, in addition to the basic cabin facilities, a TV, a small lounge, a refrigerator and a refined decoration.

Cabins for PRMs

Anek ferries have cabins for people with reduced mobility (PRM). The cabin has easy access, a large enough space for a wheelchair and adapted sanitary facilities.


For an economical and comfortable crossing, Anek also offers seat reservations in private lounges.

Services on Anek Lines ferries

Restaurants and bars

On each Anek ferry, you will find a la carte and self-service restaurants offering a varied range of Greek and Mediterranean speciality products and recipes.

Bars are also present, allowing travellers to relax with a drink and sample local drinks and snacks.


Shops are present on Anek ships, where passengers can find clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, Cretan products, souvenirs and much more.

Internet on board

Anek ships are equipped with Wi-Fi on board, allowing passengers to access the internet during the entire journey. Wifi internet packages can be purchased on board the ferry through your internet browser or by purchasing pre-paid coupons at the ship’s reception.


Anek ferries on the Adriatic routes have a swimming pool where you can swim and relax while enjoying the sun and sea view.

In addition, the Greece-Italy routes are equipped with slot machines to keep you entertained during the crossing.

Travelling with pets with Anek Lines

It is possible to travel with your pet on Anek ferries provided you declare it when booking your ticket.

Kennels are provided and pet-friendly cabins are available for booking.

Pets are allowed on the outside decks where a hygiene area is provided but are not allowed in the inside public areas and cabins (excluding pet-friendly cabins).

Paying for your crossing with Anek Lines

On, you can pay for your ferry crossing with Anek by credit card, holiday voucher or in 4 instalments with our partner Floa Bank.

Modification and cancellation of tickets with Anek Lines

If you have booked your Anek crossing on or by telephone with one of our agents, it is possible for us to modify or cancel your crossing according to the conditions applicable to your ticket.

To do this, please contact our customer service department by telephone on

If you have made your reservation directly on the Anek website or via another platform than, we will not be able to make any changes or cancellations.

Is it possible to travel without facilities on a Anek Lines crossing?

It is possible to travel without a cabin or seat on Anek ferries. In this case you can book a cheaper deck ticket which will only give you access to the public areas of the ship.

Do Anek Lines ferries have luggage space for pedestrians?

Anek provides large areas for passengers to store their luggage for the duration of the journey, as well as refrigerators to keep your food fresh.

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