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Balearia is a leading Spanish ferry company on routes to the Balearic Islands which also offers ferry crossings to the Maghreb from France and Spain. The ferries are equipped with modern passenger amenities such as lounges, restaurants, bars, games rooms and cinemas. The ferry company is committed to safety, efficiency and impeccable on-board service in order to offer its passengers a fast, safe and comfortable journey.

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Countries and Ports served by Balearia

Balearia offers ferry services between Spain, the Balearic Islands, France and the Maghreb.

Ports served in Spain

In Spain, the ferry company serves the ports of Algeciras, Almeria, Barcelona, Ceuta, Dénia, Malaga, Melilla, Motril and Valencia.

In the Balearic Islands, the company serves the ports of Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

Ports served  in France

In France, the ferry company is present at the port of Sète.

Ports served in Morocco

Balearia operates in Morocco serving the ports of Nador and Tanger Med.

Ports served by Balearia in Algeria

Balearia serves the port of Mostaganem, providing a link between Algeria and Spain.

The Balearia fleet

The ferry company has a large fleet of 28 vessels divided into three types: Ferries, Fast Ferries and Eco Fast Ferries.


Fast Ferry

Eco Fast Ferry

  • Abel Matutes
  • Bahama Mama
  • Dénia Ciutat Creativa
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Hypatia de Alejandría
  • Kerry
  • Marie Curie
  • Martín i Soler
  • Nápoles
  • Passió per Formentera
  • Poeta López Anglada
  • Posidonia
  • Regina Baltica
  • Sicilia
  • Wasa Express
  • Avemar Dos
  • Cecilia Payne
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Formentera Direct
  • Jaume I
  • Jaume II
  • Jaume III
  • Nixe
  • Ramon Llull
  • Eco Aire
  • Eco Aqua
  • Eco Lux
  • Eco Terra

Types of vehicles accepted on Balearia ferries

The ferries offer the possibility of embarking with a car, van, caravan, camper van, motorbike, bicycle, electric scooter or as a pedestrian.

Vehicles may also have additional equipment (bicycle rack, roof box, etc.) which must be taken into account in the measurements of the vehicle when booking. A trailer can also be taken on board by selecting the corresponding option.

Facilities on Balearia ferries

Exclusive cabins

The ferry company offers different types of exclusive cabins for 2 to 4 people, with or without a sea view and with a choice of private bathroom, single or double beds or King Size in the case of Suites.

Shared cabins

On the Valencia-Mostaganem and Almeria-Nador routes, Balearia offers the possibility of booking shared non-mixed cabins. These cabins are made up of four single beds and are shared between people who have selected the “shared cabin” option at the time of booking.

Cabins for PRMs

The ships of ferry cabins specially designed for people with reduced mobility (PRM), which allow a wheelchair to move around and have adapted sanitary facilities. Adapted seats with footrests, folding armrests and seatbelts are also available.

Cabins for animals

Some Balearia ships have cabins that allow pets to travel with their owners. These cabins have vinyl flooring and are subject to a special cleaning protocol, ensuring maximum hygiene.

Drinking and feeding troughs are also available from the ship’s crew.


For those who do not want to book cabins for the crossing, Balearia offers the possibility of booking different types of seats in a dedicated lounge area.

Services on Balearia ferries

Restaurants and bars

The ships offer a wide range of dining options. On board you can find à la carte restaurants, self-service restaurants, bars, cafeterias and even a barbecue service on the terraces during the summer season.


Most ferries have shops on board. You can find local gastronomic products, gift ideas, cosmetics, books, etc.

Internet on board

All ferries are equipped with WIFI internet access. You can purchase a connection package when you make your reservation or once on board the ship.


To keep you entertained during your journey, the ships are equipped with a cinema showing films for all ages. Some ships are also equipped with a pay-per-view system allowing you to access the films, games and books of your choice.

Travelling with pets with Balearia

It is possible to travel with a pet on ferries provided that this is declared at the time of booking.

During the crossing, pets can be placed in a kennel or stay with their owner. For this purpose, pet-friendly cabins are provided as well as seats with space for the pet’s carrier.

For safety reasons, pets are not allowed to stay in the vehicles during the crossing.

Paying for your crossing with Balearia

On, it is possible to pay for your crossing by credit card, holiday voucher or in 4 instalments with our partner Floa Bank.

Modification and cancellation of tickets with Balearia

If you have booked your crossing on or by telephone with one of our agents, it is possible for us to modify or cancel it according to the conditions applicable to your ticket.

To do this, please contact our customer service department by telephone on

If you have made your booking directly on the ferry company website or via another platform than, we will not be able to make any changes or cancellations.

Is it possible to travel without facilities on a Balearia crossing?

The ships require you to book a facility during the crossing. You can choose between different types of cabins and seats at varying rates.

Do Balearia ships have luggage space for pedestrians?

On the ships, pedestrians can place their luggage in their cabin or in the lockers in the passenger lounges. The lockers will remain accessible for the duration of the crossing.