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Laziomar is a ferry company that operates in the coastal regions of Lazio, Italy. With a strong commitment to providing reliable and efficient maritime transportation services, Laziomar has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, offering convenient and comfortable ferry journeys to passengers.

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Countries and Ports served by Laziomar

the ferry company offers ferry crossings between the Italy mainland and its iles.

The ferry company serves the following ports:

  • Mainland Italy: Anzio, Formia and Terracina.
  • Italian islands: Ponza and Ventotene.

The Laziomar fleet

The ferry company has 7 ferries with a capacity of up to 790 passengers and 60 vehicles.

The fleet is made up of the following boats:

  • Don Francesco
  • Tetide
  • Carloforte
  • Maria Maddalena
  • Laura
  • Agostino Lauro Jet
  • Monte Gargano

Paying for your crossing with Laziomar

On, it is possible to pay for your ferry crossing by credit card, holiday voucher, or in 4 instalments with our partner Floa Bank.

Modification and cancellation of tickets

If you have booked your crossing on or by telephone with one of our agents, it is possible for us to modify or cancel it according to the conditions applicable to your ticket.

To do this, please contact our customer service department by telephone on

If you have made your booking directly on the ferry company website or via another platform than, we will not be able to make any changes or cancellations.

How do I book a cabin or seat on the ferries?

the ferry company does not offer seat and cabin reservations for its crossings. Passengers are free to place themselves on the boat and can use the ship’s communal areas.