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Tallink Silja Line is an Estonian ferry company that connects Estonia, Finland and Sweden. The ferries are modern and equipped with all the necessary comforts, and the company is distinguished by its excellent customer service.

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Tallink Silja offers ferry services between Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Ports served by Tallink Silja in Finland

In Finland, Tallink Silja serves the ports of Åland, Helsinki and Turku.

Ports served by Tallink Line in Sweden

In Sweden, Tallink Silja serves the ports of Kapellskär and Stockholm.

Ports served by Tallink Silja in Estonia

In Estonia, Tallink Silja serves the ports of Paldiski and Tallin.

Tallink Silja has 4 ferries with a capacity of up to 2852 passengers and 450 vehicles.

The Tallink Silja fleet is made up of the following vessels:

  • Baltic Princess
  • Galaxy
  • Silja Symphony
  • Silja Serenade

It is possible to board Tallink Silja ferries with a car, a van, a motorbike, a sidecar, a bicycle or as a pedestrian.

The vehicle may also be equipped with a towed element (trailer or caravan) which must be declared at the time of booking.


Tallink Silja offers cabins for 1 to 6 people. Cabins are equipped with single or double beds, private sanitary facilities and an optional porthole with a sea view.

Cabins for PRMs

All Tallink Silja ferries are equipped with cabins that are easily accessible for people with reduced mobility (PRM). They are spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair and have adapted sanitary facilities.

Cabins for animals

For people travelling with their pets, Tallink Silja offers “pet-friendly” cabins with the same features as a standard cabin, plus a linoleum floor.


For its fastest crossings, Tallink Silja offers seat reservations in lounges offering all the comfort and services required for the crossing.

Restaurants and bars

Tallink Silja Line ferries are equipped with a number of restaurants where passengers can discover local specialities and relax over a drink.


Tallink Silja Line ferries have Duty Free shops on board where passengers can shop for everyday products, perfumes, wines, spirits, clothes, toys, souvenirs and much more at attractive prices.

Internet on board

Tallink Silja Line ferries are equipped with an on-board Wi-Fi service, allowing passengers to access the internet throughout the crossing.


Tallink Silja Line offers entertaining shows with international artists, dance acts and more every evening on its cruise ferries.

Pets are accepted on Tallink Silja ferries provided they are declared at the time of booking. During the crossing, pets can be placed in the ship’s kennels or stay with their master in one of the pet-friendly cabins.

On smartferry.com you can pay for your Tallink Silja ferry crossing by credit card, holiday voucher or in four instalments with our partner Floa Bank.

If you have booked your Tallink Silja crossing on smartferry.com or by telephone with one of our agents, it is possible for us to modify or cancel it according to the conditions applicable to your ticket.

To do this, please contact our customer service department by telephone on

If you have made your booking directly on the Tallink Silja website or via another platform than smartferry.com, we will not be able to make any changes or cancellations.

To travel on Tallink Silja ships, you need to reserve a cabin or seat.

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