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Unity Line is a polish who has been founded in 1994. It’s one of the biggest Polish ferry companies. Unity Line serves the Baltic Sea, the route between Swinoujscie in Poland and Ystad in Sweden.

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Countries and Ports served by Unity Line

Unity-Line offers crossings between Poland and Sweden.

Ports served by Unity-Line in Poland

In Poland, Unity-Line serves the port of Świnoujście.

Ports served by Unity-Line in Sweden

In Sweden, Unity-Line serves the ports of Trelleborg and Ystad.

The Unity Line fleet

The Unity-Line fleet consists of 7 ferries:

  • M/F Copernicus
  • M/F Galileusz
  • M/F Gryf
  • M/F Jan Śniadecki
  • M/F Polonia
  • M/F Skania
  • M/F Wolin

Types of vehicles accepted on Unity Line

It is possible to board Unity-Line ferries with a car, motorbike, bicycle, minibus, van, camper van or as a pedestrian. The vehicle may also be equipped with a towed element (trailer or caravan) provided this is declared at the time of booking.

Facilities on Unity Line ferries


Unity-Line offers cabins for 2 to 5 people, with the option of a sea view and private bathroom facilities.

Cabins for PRMs

All Unity-Line ferries are equipped with cabins that can accommodate people with reduced mobility (PRM). These cabins are spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair and have adapted sanitary facilities.

Cabins for animals

Unity-Line requires you to book a pet cabin if you are travelling with your pet.

These cabins are similar to standard cabins except that they have vinyl flooring and a compartment for your pet.

Services on Unity Line ferries

Restaurants and bars

Unity-Line ferries have restaurants, bars and cafés on board, allowing passengers to eat or relax with a drink during the crossing.


Unity-Line ferries are equipped with shops offering passengers cosmetics, confectionery, wine, spirits and beer at competitive prices, as well as a wide range of everyday items, magazines and souvenirs.

Internet on board

Unity-Line offers an on-board Wi-Fi service on some of its ships, enabling passengers to enjoy Internet access throughout their crossing.


Some of Unity-Line’s ferries feature a casino with slot machines as well as a sauna area, cinema and disco, providing passengers with plenty of entertainment during the journey.

Travelling with pets with Unity Line

You can take your pet on board Unity-Line ferries as long as you declare it at the time of booking.

Booking a pet-friendly cabin is compulsory when travelling with your pet.

Paying for your crossing with Unity Line

On smartferry.com, it is possible to pay for your ferry crossing with Unity-Line by credit card, holiday voucher, or in 4 instalments with our partner Floa Bank.

Modification and cancellation of tickets with Unity Line

If you have booked your Unity-Line crossing on smartferry.com or by telephone with one of our agents, it is possible for us to modify or cancel it according to the conditions applicable to your ticket.

To do this, please contact our customer service department by telephone on

If you have made your booking directly on Unity-Line website or via another platform than smartferry.com, we will not be able to make any changes or cancellations.

Is it possible to travel without a cabin on a Unity Line crossing?

Unity-Line does not require a cabin to be booked for travel on its ships. Passengers without a cabin will be able to stay in the communal areas for the duration of the crossing.

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