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Book your Ancona to Durres boat tickets with ease and enjoy an exceptional maritime experience. Discover flexible timetables, competitive prices and online booking options to plan your trip with complete peace of mind.

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Explore the Maritime Adventure: Ancona - Durres Ferry Tickets

Dreaming of a ferry trip between Ancona and Durres? Find out everything you need to know about this unique maritime experience, from flexible timetables to the best deals and essential information.

Ferry travel: a unique adventure on the Adriatic Sea

Sail the Adriatic Sea with our ferry service between Ancona and Durres. Enjoy the journey while discovering the archaeological museum of Durres, an enriching destination for history lovers.

Onboard the ferry: comfort and relaxation

Relax on board the ferry while admiring the panoramic sea view. Whether you’re traveling solo, with the family or your pet, our ferry crossings offer a pleasant experience for all.

Trusted shipping companies

We work with reputable ferry companies, including Adria Ferries, to guarantee passenger safety and satisfaction. Discover the advantages of each company and choose the one that suits your needs.

Plan Your Trip: Flexible

Timetables and Easy Booking
Check ferry schedules between Ancona and Durres, book your tickets online and prepare for a smooth crossing. Get the best prices and special offers to optimize your budget.

Ancona: Port city of the Marche

Ancona, nestled in the beautiful Marche region, is the ideal starting point for your maritime adventure. Explore this port city, home to historic treasures and a charming atmosphere.

Practical information for the Ancona Durres crossing

Get to the port of Ancona with ease by following our practical advice. Find out everything you need to know about traveling by ferry from Ancona to Durres for a carefree experience.

Onboard services: Comfort and entertainment

Enjoy quality services on board, from restaurants to entertainment options. Find out how to make your crossing as pleasant as possible.

Which ferry company operates between Ancona and Durres?

The ferry company operating between Ancona and Durres is generally Adria Ferries. Adria Ferries is well known for its ferry services in the Adriatic Sea region, linking Italy to Albania. However, it is always advisable to check current information, as ferry companies can sometimes change their schedules or routes. You can check departures via our booking module to get the latest information on ferries from Ancona to Durres.

What is the average crossing time by ferry from Ancona to Durres?

The average ferry crossing time between Ancona and Durres can vary depending on several factors, such as the shipping company, the type of ferry, and weather conditions. Generally speaking, the crossing takes around 16 hours. It is necessary to consult the specific timetable of the chosen ferry company, as times may vary according to scheduled departures and arrivals. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, you can check the timetable on the ferry company’s official website, or contact customer service directly.

Are there any special offers or discounts for Ancona Durres ferry tickets?

Yes, some companies regularly offer special deals and discounts. Check out our current promotions to save on your trip. Discounts may vary according to season and space availability.

What services are available on board during the ferry crossing?

Enjoy a range of services on board the ferry, including restaurants, stores and relaxation areas. Each ferry company offers a unique experience, so be sure to consult the specific details.

How can I cancel my Ancona Durres ferry booking?

To cancel your booking, follow the process indicated on our website or contact our customer service department. Check our cancellation policies to understand any penalties.

What are the transport alternatives between Ancona and Durres?

In addition to the ferry, you can explore other options such as direct flights or overland journeys. However, the ferry offers a unique experience with panoramic views over the Adriatic Sea.

What documents do I need to travel by ferry from Italy to Albania?

Make sure you have a valid ID, a ferry ticket, and possibly a visa depending on your nationality. Check specific requirements before you travel.

Can I book a special seat on the Ancona Durres ferry?

Yes, some companies offer the possibility of reserving specific seats at an additional cost. When booking online, explore the seat and cabin options available for greater comfort.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help make your journey as pleasant as possible. Book your Ancona to Durres ferry tickets now and enjoy an unforgettable sea crossing between Italy and Albania. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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