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Welcome to the best Barcelona Tangier ferry booking platform. Barcelona and Tangier are two cities located around a thousand kilometers apart. To get from Barcelona to Tangier, you’ll usually need to combine several means of transport. The distance between the two cities is around 1,000 km, and several means of transport can be used to cover this distance. The most popular options are ferries and flights. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. So take the time to compare the different options before making your decision.

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Travel by ferry

The ferry is a popular means of transport for people wishing to travel from one point to another in Europe. It’s an attractive and practical alternative to flights and trains, as it’s more economical and offers greater flexibility. Ferry crossings also offer a unique experience for landscape lovers. If you’re planning to travel by ferry, here are a few practical tips to ensure your crossing goes smoothly. First of all, you need to book your ticket in advance to benefit from the best prices.

Book your ferry ticket now!

Once you’ve found the ferry ticket you want, all you have to do is book it. You’ll then be able to travel on the ferry of your choice, without worrying about boarding. As well as being a great value, a ferry ticket also entitles you to a preferential fare. This is because you already have a seat on the boat.

Take the ferry to Tangier

If you take the ferry to Tangier, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of bars and restaurants. It’s a great way to have a good time during your trip. You can choose between bars and restaurants on the ferry or on the ship’s deck. So you can relax for the duration of the trip.

Which ferry companies operate between Barcelona and Tangier?

To get to Morocco from Spain, from Barcelona to Tangier, you can choose between two ferry companies:


On board the Barcelona Tangier ferry, GNV offers a range of services including: accommodation with a wide choice of cabins and seats, catering with a self-service restaurant and pizzeria and halal meals, as well as leisure activities with a prayer room, wifi connection, shopping and a children’s playroom.


The Barcelona-Tangier crossing is operated by La Méridionale’s Pelagos. This vessel is designed for all types of passengers (pedestrians, vehicles, campers, vans, two-wheelers or goods transport). The Pelagos Barcelona Tangier ferry offers a range of services, including freshly prepared meals, hallal and vegetarian meals, a prayer room, a bar and Wi-Fi connection.

How long and how far is the ferry crossing from Barcelona to Tangier?

The average ferry crossing time from Barcelona to Tangier is 29h35. The average journey time from Tangier to Barcelona is 29h38 (depending on the boat and ferry company).

The travel distance between Barcelona and Tangier is about 1 000 km (the distance in boat can be slightly different).

Barcelona to Tangier: is it possible to travel by ferry with animals and cars?

Pets are allowed on board the ferry under certain conditions. There are areas where pets are not allowed, such as cabins and dining rooms. Areas reserved for pets, such as the promenade area, and certain cabins if you have chosen a “four-legged friend” cabin. Pets are allowed in these types of cabins.

You can also travel with your car and several passengers. You must state the type of vehicle, registration and dimensions when purchasing your ticket in order to obtain the appropriate parking space.

How to compare prices, schedules and ferry companies for the Barcelona Tangier crossing?

Our smartferry.com website is an online ferry ticket booking platform. It allows you to compare all ferry crossings from all ferry companies in one place and get the best fares. Prices are identical to those of the ferry companies, with the same promotional offers. But thanks to Smartferry, you can compare the prices of all ferry companies and make a quick choice. What’s more, we’re the only ferry company with local customer service, available by phone in all European countries.

How do I buy or change a Barcelona Tangier ferry ticket?

To buy your Barcelona Tangier ferry ticket, visit our website smartferry.com or contact us by phone (contact our local office in the country you are in).

For changes or cancellations, don’t worry, you can contact us by phone and an advisor will make the necessary arrangements (depending on the ferry company’s timetables and general conditions of sale).

Barcelona to Tangier: departure and arrival ports


Port address: Estación Marítima, Muelle de San Beltrán, C.P. 08039, Spain

Description: The Port of Barcelona is one of Europe’s largest Mediterranean ports. It is the third-largest container port in Spain and the ninth-largest in Europe. It is not the only port in Barcelona, but it is the main and most commercial one.


Port address: Z. Franche De Ksar Al Majaz, Oued Rmel, Commune Anjra, Tangier

Description: Tangier Med is the second largest port in Tangier, Morocco. It is also the largest port in the Mediterranean and the largest port in Morocco and Africa. You can book a ferry to Algeciras in Spain, which is the most popular route in this port. You can also go to Savona in Italy.


Port address: Blvd. Mohamed VI, Tangier, Morocco

Description: The Port of Tangier is located in Tangier, Morocco. There are actually two ports in Tangier, the Central Port and Tangier Med, and the city’s economy benefits greatly from both. Tangier is located in northern Morocco, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. You can book ferries from Tangier to the French port of Sète, the Spanish port of Barcelona or the Italian port of Genoa.

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