Ferry Genoa to Tangier Med

Ferry crossing Genoa to Tangier Med

Book your Genoa to Tangier ticket with Smartferry online or by phone with our customer service at +33 4 65 84 14 13. You can compare prices on smartferry.com to find the cheapest ferry route. Traveling by ferry is the best option if you want to take your car or pets with you. The trip is made by GNV boats.

The city of Tangier has two ports. The first one is called Tangier port which is located in the city and the second one is Tangier-Med port. One of the advantages of the port of Tangier is its easy and quick access to the city. Indeed, you can go to the city on foot, which is quite convenient. You can also take a cab, which will allow you to move around the city.

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Can I take the ferry from Genoa to Tangier with a car?

The cars admitted on the ferries between Genoa and Tangier are :

  • Cars: length less than 4.99m
  • Vehicles with trailers: maximum height of 4.2m
  • Large vehicles: length over 5m and maximum height of 4.2m
  • Motorcycles and mopeds

Check-in at the port of Genoa to Tangier

Check-in process : Depending on the ships in service, check-in operations can be carried out at the ship’s access lanes or at the Ponte Caracciolo building (in any case, one location excludes the other, the two do not operate simultaneously).


When should I report for boarding?
Boarding with vehicles: 5 hours before departure
Boarding without vehicles: 4 hours before departure


Check-in closes in Genoa:

Check-in at the port of Genoa closes 60min before the departure of the ferry.

Check-in at the port of Tangier Med

Check-in procedure at Tanger Med :

Check-in procedures and passport control.


Opening and closing of check-in at Tanger Med :

Check-in opens 9 hours before departure.

Check-in closes 4 hours before departure.

Where to take the ferry to Genoa and Tangier?

Port of Genoa

The address of the port of Genoa is:

Ponte Biagio Assereto, 16126 Genova GE, Italie


Port of Tangier Med

The address of the port of Tangier is:

Tangermed Zone Franche de Ksar el Majaz, Oued R’mel, BP80, Tanger, Maroc

Which ferry company for Genoa to Tangier Med?

GNV is the only ferry company offering ferry crossings between Genoa to Tangier Med.

Ferry crossing time Genoa to Tangier Med

The ferry crossing time between Genoa and Tangier is between 49h45 and 54h30.

Number of trips from Genoa to Tangier Med per week

2 ferry crossings per week out of season

3 ferry crossings per week in season

Genoa to Tangier MED: Pets on the ferry

Pets are accepted on ferries between Genoa and Tangier.

The ferries are equipped with outdoor areas dedicated to pets and even offer cabins specially designed for them.

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