Ferry Marseille to Tunis

Bookings are now open for Tunisia!

Bookings are now open for Tunisia!

For the period February 01 to May 08, 2024

Book your Ferry Marseille to Tunis with the Best Prices

Are you dreaming of a carefree Mediterranean adventure? You’ve come to the right place! Smartferry gives you the information you need to plan your trip. In addition, it offers special deals to get the best price on your boat ticket. So don’t wait any longer, book your Marseille to Tunis crossing now!

The online booking service is not available for the Marseille-Tunis route. Please contact our customer service for reservations.


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Ferry companies and crossing options

Explore the options offered by ferry companies such as Corsica Linea and CTN for the crossing between Marseille and Tunis. Compare the services on board, the duration of the crossing, and choose the formula that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a direct crossing or attractive stopovers, we’ve got all the information you need to personalize your trip.

Flexible schedules and easy booking

Our flexible departure times adapt to your travel preferences, whether you want to leave early in the morning or enjoy an evening departure. Booking your Marseille Tunis boat ticket is fast and secure, guaranteeing you a place on board your favorite crossing. Book now to benefit from the best prices and secure a place on the Marseille to Tunis ferry of your choice.

The Port of Marseille and Tunis

Start your journey from the beautiful port of Marseille, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Also discover detailed information on the port of Tunis, facilitating your arrival in Tunisia. Our guide includes practical tips for a smooth experience, from parking to boarding.

Travelling by ferry

Travelling by ferry between Marseille and Tunis offers a unique experience. Enjoy the comfort of our ships, onboard catering options, and discover the beauty of maritime travel. Whether you’re traveling for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a business trip, the Marseille Tunis ferry is a great option.

Special Offers and Best Price Guaranteed

We understand the importance of the best price for your crossing. Check out our special offers and Best Price Guarantees to ensure an exceptional experience without compromising your budget. Take advantage of exclusive discounts by booking directly with us.

1. Which ferry companies operate the Marseille-Tunis crossing?

Corsica Linea and CTN are the main shipping companies operating between Marseille and Tunis.

2. What are the ferry departure times from Marseille to Tunis?

Ferry schedules vary according to the season. Consult our website for the latest timetables and plan your trip accordingly.

3. How to book a ferry ticket from Marseille to Tunis?

Online booking will soon be available!

Step 1: Call our customer service

Call 04 65 84 14 13 and wait to be put through to a booking agent (Non surcharged call).

Step 2: Introduction and Initial Information

Once on line with an agent, introduce yourself and provide initial information about your trip, such as departure date, destination, and number of passengers.

Step 3: Choosing your Ticket Type 

Discuss with the agent the various ticket options available, including standard fares, promotional fares, and any special offers.

Step 4: Confirm Travel Details

Confirm your travel details, including schedules, departure and arrival ports, and any other relevant information. Provide passenger contact details, including names, contact information and any other required information. If you are traveling with a vehicle, provide the necessary details, such as make, model and license plate.

Step 5: Payment and Booking Confirmation

Discuss payment options with the agent. You will probably need to provide your credit card details to make the payment. Once payment has been made, the agent will provide you with a booking confirmation. Please check all details carefully to ensure they are correct. You will receive the booking confirmation and your ferry ticket by e-mail.

4. How long is the ferry crossing between Marseille and Tunis?

The crossing time varies according to the company and navigation conditions. In general, it takes around 22 hours.

5. Are there special prices for children or groups?

Yes, we have special prices for children and attractive offers for groups. Please contact us for further details.

6. Can I take my car on board the ferry Marseille to Tunis?

Yes, you can take your car on board. Make sure you select the appropriate option when booking.

7. What services are available on board ferries?

Ferries offer a variety of services, including relaxation areas, restaurants, duty-free stores and more. See details on our website.

8. How often are crossings available between Marseille and Tunis?

Crossings are available several times a week. Contact us for the exact frequency during your travel period.

9. Which ports in Marseille and Tunis are used for the ferry crossing?

The Marseille-Tunis crossing uses the port of Marseille in France and the port of La Goulette in Tunis.

10. Are there any special offers or promotions for Marseille-Tunis crossings?

Yes, we regularly have special offers and promotions. Check our website or contact our customer service department for the latest offers.

11. Are there any stopovers during the ferry journey between Marseille and Tunis?

Most crossings are direct, but some may include stopovers. Please check the details of your itinerary when booking.

12. How do I get to the Port of Marseille, and is parking available?

Detailed information on how to get to the Port of Marseille and on parking is available on the official website of the Port of Marseille-Fos.

13. What documents do I need to travel by ferry between France and Tunisia?

Passengers need a valid identity document and sometimes a visa. If you’re traveling with your own vehicle, you’ll also need a vehicle registration document.

14. What facilities are available on Corsica Linea and CTN ferries?

The ferries offer a variety of facilities, including restaurants, lounges, stores and more. Check out the company-specific details on our website.

15. Can I book a Marseille-Tunis round trip on the same ticket?

Yes, most tickets offer the option of booking a round trip. Be sure to select the appropriate option when booking.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department if you have any further questions. Enjoy your trip!

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