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Book a ferry from Nice to Bastia for an unforgettable maritime experience. Take advantage of our unbeatable rates on round-trip tickets and discover the picturesque beauty of this crossing.

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Travel effortlessly between Nice and Bastia with our reliable and convenient ferry service. Book your round-trip tickets in just a few clicks. Enjoy the convenience of coast-to-coast travel at the best possible prices.

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We understand the importance of flexibility when traveling. Our ferry schedules are designed to fit your schedule, allowing you to choose the time that suits you best. We work with trusted ferry companies who ensure a safe and pleasant service.

Discover the beauties of sea travel

The crossing between Nice and Bastia offers much more than just a means of transport. It’s an opportunity to discover the magnificent blue waters of the Mediterranean while admiring the panoramic views from both sides. Enjoy a peaceful, relaxing experience at sea, with all the comforts you need.

Competitive Prices - Book Early, Save More

We believe in the value of an exceptional experience without the exorbitant price tag. Our competitive fares allow you to travel between Nice and Bastia without breaking the bank. What’s more, by booking early, you can benefit from additional savings to make your trip even more affordable.

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Don’t miss the chance to experience an unforgettable ferry adventure between Nice and Bastia. Book your ferry tickets today and get ready for an enchanting crossing. Let us make your journey as smooth as the waters you’ll be crossing.

1. What are the ferry options between Nice and Bastia?

From Nice, only the ferry company Corsica Ferries operates between Nice and Bastia. Choose from a selection of flexible schedules to meet your needs.

2. How can I book round-trip ferry tickets between Nice and Bastia online?

Online booking is quick and easy. Use our user-friendly platform to select your dates, choose your options, and book your round-trip tickets in just a few steps.

3. What is the average duration of the Nice to Bastia ferry crossing?

The average crossing time varies according to the company and weather conditions, but is generally between 5h55 and 6h15. Consult the timetables for more details.

4. Are there dining options on board the ferries?

Yes, most ferries offer a variety of onboard dining options. Enjoy a culinary experience at sea while taking in the view of the Mediterranean.

5. Can I book a ferry ticket for my car?

Absolutely. You can book ferry tickets for both passengers and vehicles, making it convenient to travel with your car between Nice and Bastia.

6. How can I save on Nice to Bastia ferry tickets?

To save, consider booking in advance. Rates are often more favorable for early bookings. Also, check out our special offers for additional discounts.

7. What are the tourist attractions in Bastia?

Bastia offers a rich cultural experience with historic sites, vibrant markets, and stunning beaches. Don’t miss the Citadel, the Old Port, and the Saint-Nicolas Market.

8. Can I change my travel dates after booking ferry tickets?

The ability to modify travel dates may vary based on the ferry company’s policy. Contact customer service for information about potential changes.

9. What safety measures are in place on the ferries?

Ferry companies adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure a secure journey. Safety equipment and instructions are provided for all passengers.

10. How can I contact customer service for further questions?

You can reach us through our dedicated customer service for all your inquiries about bookings, schedules, rates, and more. We’re here to assist you at every step of your journey.

Start planning your ferry crossing between Nice and Bastia now with our user-friendly booking service. Enjoy an exceptional maritime experience by booking your tickets today!

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Travel between Nice and Bastia with ease thanks to our ferry booking service. Enjoy unbeatable fares on round trip tickets, discover the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and embark on an unforgettable experience. Book now and get ready to set sail for new adventures.

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