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When you choose to travel by ferry from Porto Torres to Barcelona or from Barcelona to Porto Torres, you’re choosing the best travel experience in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Porto Torres - Barcelona ferry tickets

Looking for cheap ferry tickets? We have the best offers for you. Discover the most competitive prices and choose from a variety of cabins for the most comfortable journey.

Porto Torres to Barcelona ferry companies

Only one ferry company operates this crossing. Grimaldi Lines offers you flexibility and choice. Explore their quality services and choose the ferry and the departure that best match your requirements.

Best ferry schedule Porto Torres - Barcelona

We know how important it is to plan your trip. This is why we have put together a timetable of ferries from Porto Torres to Barcelona. So you can choose the ferry departure that best suits your schedule.


Ferry crossing travel time Porto Torres to Barcelona

The ferry crossing between Porto Torres and Barcelona is not only convenient, it’s fast too. From Porto Torres to Barcelona, the ferry journey takes around 12 hours and 30 minutes. Make the most of your journey and relax with our on-board facilities.

Fast and easy booking of Porto Torres - Barcelona ferry tickets

Booking your ferry tickets has never been easier. Use our online booking system to secure your place on board. The steps are quick and easy, allowing you to secure your trip in just a few clicks.

Travel by ferry from Barcelona to Porto Torres

If you are planning to travel from Barcelona to Porto Torres, our service operates in both directions. You will find useful information for your journey in the opposite direction, including tickets, timetables and crossing details.

Visit the Two Ports

Barcelona and Porto Torres are two amazing destinations. When you arrive, be sure to take the time to discover these rich cities of history, culture and delicious food.

Between Porto Torres and Barcelona, which ferry companies operate?

You can choose from a number of schedules and travel options, but the only ferry company that operates between Porto Torres and Barcelona is Grimaldi Line.

How long is the ferry crossing from Porto Torres to Barcelona?

The duration of the crossing varies according to the company, but in general it lasts around 12 hours 30 minutes. Please check all schedules in our booking system.

How can I book ferry tickets from Porto Torres to Barcelona : round trip?

Booking ferry tickets is easy. You can book online on our website in just a few clicks. Choose your dates, passengers, travel options and vehicle type and pay securely.

Ferry tickets from Porto Torres to Barcelona: how much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the season, ferry company, options and cabin type you choose. You will find pricing options to suit all budgets.

What special offers or discounts are available for ferry tickets from Barcelona to Porto Torres?

Many ferry companies offer regular specials, children’s discounts, group fares and much more. Keep an eye out for current promotions. Our online booking system automatically gives you access to all current special offers.

Can I transport my vehicle on the ferry between Porto Torres and Barcelona?

Yes, most companies allow the transport of vehicles, be it a car, motorcycle or camper van. Make sure you reserve a place for your vehicle. Enter your vehicle’s details in our booking system to get the best prices and terms.

What are the ferry schedules between Porto Torres and Barcelona?

Timetables vary depending on the ferry company and the season. Check our online booking platform or our website for the latest ferry schedules.

What accommodations are available on board the Barcelona - Porto Torres ferry?

Ferries to Bacelona or Porto Torres are equipped with a variety of facilities to make your journey comfortable, including restaurants, bars, relaxation areas, and sometimes even stores.

What useful information do I need to know about the ports of Porto Torres and Barcelona?

Both ports are well equipped with services such as parking, information desks and transport connections. Make sure you arrive early before boarding.

Is it possible to book combined trips with other destinations from Porto Torres or Barcelona?

Yes, some companies offer combined travel options, allowing you to discover other destinations from Porto Torres or Barcelona. Make your reservations on our online booking system with the Multi destinations option. If your destination is not listed, please contact us for more information.

Do you have a question? Please contact us

If you have any questions or need any help to plan your ferry trip from Porto Torres to Barcelona, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Don’t miss this opportunity for an exceptional travel experience between Porto Torres and Barcelona. Book your ferry tickets today and get ready for an unforgettable ferry adventure!

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