Ferry Sète to Nador

Ferry crossing Sète to Nador

The Sete-Nador ferry crossing is a cheap and easy way to travel between France (Sete) and Morocco (Nador). The ports of departure and arrival are on average 39 hours away from each other by ferry (depending on the ferry company and type of boat) and 1080 km apart. Ferry prices between Sete and Nador vary depending on the season, when you buy your ferry ticket and the type of trip (one way, round trip, cabin options etc). You can buy a ferry ticket for the Sete-Nador crossing online or by phone. Ferrying from Sete to Nador is a cheap way to get from Europe to Africa. Prices can be very interesting, compare now the prices of the different ferry companies.

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How to get to Nador by ferry?

Nador is a city located in the Moroccan Rif and is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca and Rabat. It is also the capital of the Rif, but the capital of the country is Rabat. Travelers can access it by ferry from two main ports, namely Tangier Med and Nador.

The port of Nador is a port in northern Morocco. From the port of Nador you can go to Spain, to the port of Barcelona, or to France to the port of Sète.

Which ferry companies operate the Sete to Nador crossing?

This crossing is operated mainly by the companies Balearia and GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci). You can buy your ferry tickets directly on smartferry.com. You will benefit from the same fares and options. We also provide you with a personalized customer service.

How much does the ferry ticket from Sete to Nador cost?

There is no fixed fare for a ferry ticket from Sete to Nador. The price varies depending on demand, seasonality. The ticket options, i.e. number of passengers (number of adults, children and pets), size and gauge of the vehicle, travel options (cabins, meals, insurance etc…). The only way to get an exact price is to query our booking module with all your travel information and options. Then you can compare the cheapest ferry prices from Sete to Nador.

The services on board of the boat Sète to Nador.

On board of the boat Sete to Nador several services are at your disposal. Whether you are on board the boat Balearia or GNV Grandi Navi Veloci, you have the following choices:


  • Accommodation: Armchairs, cabins or suites
  • Catering: Pizzeria and Self-service and Halal meals
  • Prayer room
  • Playroom for children
  • Internet access
  • Several outlets for shopping

Why use the ferry to travel to Morocco?

Using the ferry is a practical and economical way to get to Nador. It allows you to make many round trips. This means of transport also allows you to travel through Morocco with your vehicle. It allows you to discover other regions and to go to many places.

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