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Our ferry service offers regular ferry crossings from Valencia to Mostaganem. On board the Valencia to Mostaganem ferry you will enjoy a wide range of amenities, including comfortable cabins, relaxation areas, restaurants serving delicious food, duty-free shopping, and much more. During the crossing you will be impressed by the magnificent sea views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Discover a unique experience that will allow you to reach the Algerian coast from Spain while enjoying a pleasant and relaxing journey aboard our modern and comfortable ferries. Whether you are an adventure-seeking traveler or a vacationer looking for new discoveries, our ferry crossing is the ideal solution for you!

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What are the options for traveling by ferry from Valencia to Mostaganem?

There is only one company that operates the route from Valencia to Mostaganem. The ferry company Balearia offers regular crossings on this route. Buy your Valencia to Mostaganem ferry ticket at the same price on our website.

What is the appossimative duration of the crossing from Valencia to Mostaganem?

The crossing time from Valencia to Mostaganem may vary depending on the type of vessel and weather conditions. In general, you should expect 15 hours for Valencia – Mostaganem and 15.30 hours for Mostaganem – Valencia. It is advisable to check the times and duration of the crossings before leaving.

What is the ferry schedule between Valencia and Mostaganem?

Ferry schedules may vary according to seasonality. When you book your ticket on our website, you will have all the information you need to make the best choice for your trip.

Should I book in advance for the ferry crossing from Valencia to Mostaganem?

It is advisable to make your booking in advance, especially during the busiest periods. This will ensure you find availability at the best rates. You can book online through our website.

What services are available on board the ferries?

Ferries operating between Valencia and Mostaganem usually offer a range of on-board amenities including restaurants, cafes, duty-free stores, relaxation areas, comfortable cabins, and facilities for passengers with reduced mobility. Specific details may vary from ship to ship, so please check the information provided following your booking.

Can I travel with my car on the ferry from Valencia to Mostaganem?

Yes, it is possible to travel with your own car on ferries between Valencia and Mostaganem. Transportation options are generally available for cars, motorcycles, and RVs. We recommend that you enter your vehicle details (size, type of vehicle, license plate) on our website when purchasing your ticket to avoid errors.

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3 months ago
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