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Morocco is a country located in the northwestern part of Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the northwest and east, respectively. This colourful nation has so much to offer. From its vibrant cities, to its majestic mountains and vast deserts, Morocco is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Visitors to Morocco will not only be immersed in its fascinating culture and diverse architectural styles, but will also have the opportunity to sample the country’s delicious cuisine. The streets of the bustling cities are lined with numerous restaurants and vendors offering a variety of local delicacies.


The country is home to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. The awe-inspiring Sahara Desert, towering Atlas Mountains, beautiful coastal Mediterranean towns and the rugged Atlantic Coast are just some of the many attractions awaiting visitors to Morocco.


The country is also home to numerous historic attractions, including the royal city of Marrakech, Rabat, Fes, and Meknes. Stroll through the medinas and UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are full of architectural delights. From the lavish palaces of bygone rulers to the bustling souks, there is something here to enthral and enchant every traveler.


Morocco is the perfect destination for any adventurous traveler looking for a unique cultural experience. From its bustling cities to its stunning natural beauty, Morocco will leave a lasting impression on all who visit her.

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