Group ferry booking

Group Prices for Ferry Trips : Book at the best prices!

Are you planning a group excursion to Europe or North Africa? Look no further! smartferry is thrilled to introduce exclusive group travel offers that are tailored to your collective adventure. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or a club, we have special deals that will make your journey memorable and affordable.

How to book a ferry for a group?

Group ferry bookings are simple and clear. Contact our specialist team for specific information on prices, availability and travel options.

Group Prices benefits for ferry travellers

Discover the benefits of choosing group travel with smartferry...

Ferry Destinations for Group Travel

Our ferry service offers itineraries to a variety of stunning destinations in Europe and North Africa. Consider these remarkable places for your next group adventure...

Group price ferry booking travellers
school Group price ferry booking

School groups

School classes or groups of students traveling on educational trips or excursions.

touristic Group price ferry booking

Touristic group

Travel groups organized by travel agencies or groups of friends or family traveling together.

company Group prices ferry booking

Company groups

Company employees traveling for business meetings, conferences, seminars or corporate events.

event Group prices ferry booking

Special event groups

Travelers for a special event such as a wedding, birthday party, family reunion, etc.

How can I get ferry group prices?

To get group prices for ferry bookings in Europe, you need to contact our customer service department. They will provide you with specific information on fares, availability and travel options for your group.

Are there any special discounts for groups booking a ferry?

Of course, many ferry companies in Europe offer special discounts for groups, which can save you money on the cost of your ferry crossing.

What types of groups benefit from group ferry prices?

Group ferry prices in Europe are available for a variety of groups, including school groups, tourist groups, corporate groups and special event groups.

What are the minimum passenger requirements to get group prices for a ferry crossing?

Minimum passenger requirements to qualify for group fares vary according to ferry company and crossing. Basically, it depends on the number of vehicles or passengers. Contact us to find out the specific conditions of each ferry company.

Can I combine several ferry crossings in one group price?

Yes, it is usually possible to combine several ferry crossings in one group price. Please contact us to discuss your travel options.

What are the benefits of group booking for ferry travel?

The benefits of group booking for ferry travel in Europe include preferential fares, substantial savings, convenient booking for the whole group and the ability to customize your trip.

How does booking ferries for groups work?

To book a ferry for a group, it’s usually necessary to contact our customer service team, provide details of the group and discuss the options available.

Are there cancellation conditions for group ferry bookings?

Cancellation policies for group ferry bookings depend on the ferry company and the terms of our agreement. Contact us to know more about our group pricing policies.

Can I book special seats or cabins for my group on a ferry crossing?

Yes, many ferry companies in Europe allow the reservation of special seats or cabins for groups. This depends on the facilities available on the desired dates.

How can I get information on ferry timetables and routes for groups?

You can obtain information on ferry schedules and routes for groups in Europe by contacting our customer service team.