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Select your travel dates: Choose your preferred departure date and time for your crossing. Check our calendar for available departure times.


Choose your vehicle type: Select the type of vehicle you wish to take with you. We accept a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and campers.


Select your cabin: If you’d like to book a cabin for your trip, let us know your preferences and we’ll make sure you get the comfort you need.


Finalize your booking: Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, simply finalize your booking by making your secure online payment. You will then receive your booking confirmation by e-mail.


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How long is the ferry crossing from Livorno to Olbia?

The average ferry crossing time from Livorno to Olbia depends on navigation conditions and the ferry company chosen. In general, the crossing lasts about [insert average duration], offering passengers a pleasant and relaxing journey.

Which ferry companies operate crossings from Livorno to Olbia?

Several ferry companies operate crossings from Livorno to Olbia, some of which are renowned for their reliability and quality service. Options include Moby lines and Grimaldi lines, which offer regular schedules and passenger-friendly accommodations.

What are the ferry schedules from Livorno to Olbia?

Ferry schedules from Livorno to Olbia can vary depending on the ferry company and the season. We recommend consulting our online booking platform for the latest and most accurate timetables. We update the information regularly, so you can plan your trip with complete peace of mind.

Can I book a ferry ticket online for the Livorno to Olbia crossing?

Yes, you can easily book your ferry ticket online for the Livorno to Olbia crossing. Our user-friendly booking platform allows you to select your travel dates, choose your vehicle type and finalize your booking in just a few clicks. You will then receive a booking confirmation by e-mail.

Is it possible to travel with a vehicle from Livorno to Olbia by ferry?

Yes, it is possible to travel with a vehicle from Livorno to Olbia by ferry. Ferry companies offer options for cars, motorcycles, campers and other types of vehicles. Please note that additional charges may apply depending on the type of vehicle you are transporting.

Are there any facilities on board during the Livorno to Olbia crossing?

Yes, the ferries operating between Livorno and Olbia are equipped with facilities and services to make your journey a pleasant one. You can take advantage of restaurants, cafeterias, duty-free stores, lounges and other facilities to relax and enjoy your crossing.

What are the accommodation options on board during the Livorno to Olbia crossing?

Depending on the ferry company you choose, you may have different accommodation options on board during the Livorno to Olbia crossing. These may include comfortable cabins with different configurations (single, double, family), offering private space for you to rest during the journey.

Are there discounts available for Livorno to Olbia or Olbia to Livorno crossings?

Yes, some ferry operators offer discounts for crossings from Livorno to Olbia or from Oblia to Livorno. This may include reduced fares for children, seniors, students or early bookers. Check our online booking platform for special offers and available discounts.

Olbia, Sardinia, is a destination rich in attractions and natural beauty. You can visit sites such as Tourisme Sardaigne, discover the region’s rich history, explore the beautiful beaches and sample the delicious local cuisine.

What monuments are worth visiting in Livorno?

Livorno is full of interesting monuments to discover during your stay. Here are just a few of the most popular sights to visit:


La Fortezza Vecchia: This ancient fortress on Livorno’s waterfront offers stunning sea views and houses a museum of contemporary art.


La Terrazza Mascagni: A seafront promenade famous for its elegant colonnades, offering panoramic views of the sea and coast.


Duomo di Livorno: Livorno Cathedral, a magnificent religious building with a neoclassical façade and richly decorated interior.


Piazza della Repubblica: Livorno’s main square, surrounded by historic buildings, boutiques and lively cafés.


Mercato Centrale: A covered market where you can discover Livorno’s local flavors and products, including fresh produce, fish, cheeses and wines.


Monumento dei Quattro Mori: A Livorno landmark featuring four bronze sculptures symbolizing the city’s victories over barbarian pirates.


These monuments offer a glimpse into Livorno’s history and culture, and are well worth exploring on your visit to the region.

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