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Trasmed Grimaldi: Book your Ferry ticket to the Balearic Islands

Trasmed Grimaldi, a famous ferry company, offers you an unrivalled ferry route between the Iberian Peninsula and the splendid Balearic Islands. Since 2021, Trasmed Grimaldi has been operating ferry services to popular destinations such as Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. With a modern, environmentally-friendly fleet, every crossing is comfortable and reliable. On board, you will find top-class amenities, including gourmet dining, free Wi-Fi and pet-friendly spaces. In partnership with Smartferry, we make it easy to book your tickets online, guaranteeing a quick and easy booking experience. Choose Trasmed Grimaldi for an exceptional journey by sea, combining safety, comfort and durability.

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Main Routes and Destinations

The ferry crossings linking Spain to the Balearic Islands are essential links for tourism and trade in the Mediterranean region. Every year, millions of travelers cross these seas to discover the insular gems of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera.

Spain to Majorca:

Connections from Barcelona and Valencia to Palma and Alcúdia. The route between Spain and Mallorca is well established, with regular departures from the ports of Barcelona and Valencia to Palma and Alcúdia. These connections not only offer a gateway to Mallorca’s natural and cultural wonders, but also strengthen the economic ties between mainland Spain and this emblematic archipelago island.

Spain to Ibiza:

Links from Barcelona and Valencia to Ibiza. Famous for its lively parties and idyllic coves, Ibiza can also be reached from Barcelona and Valencia. These ferry crossings provide an essential link for holidaymakers wishing to experience the excitement of this iconic Mediterranean island.

Spain to Menorca:

Barcelona to Mahón route. From Barcelona, the road to Menorca leads to Mahón, a less-frequented but equally captivating destination. Known for its unspoilt landscapes and tranquil ambience, Menorca attracts travelers in search of calm and natural beauty.

Spain to Formentera:

Seasonal routes linking the Balearic Islands. The seasonal ferry routes from Spain to Formentera complete this vital maritime connection. These short-lived connections give visitors access to this unspoilt island, which is renowned for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Ferry Crossings Ferry Company Duration
Alcudia (MALLORCA) - Barcelona
Alcudia (MALLORCA) - Mahon (MENORCA)
Alcudia (MALLORCA) - Ciutadella (MENORCA)

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Barcelona - Alcudia (MALLORCA)

Compagnie de ferry Trasmed Grimaldi logo

Barcelona - Formentera
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 9h and 17h
Barcelona - Ibiza
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 8h30 and 9h
Barcelona - Mahon (MENORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 7h45 and 8h30
Between 7h15 and 13h29
Ciutadella (MENORCA) - Alcudia (MALLORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 1h15 and 1h45
Ciutadella (MENORCA) - Barcelona
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 3h30 and 6h20
Formentera - Barcelona
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Formentera - Valencia
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Ibiza - Barcelona
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Ibiza - Mahon (MENORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Ibiza - Palma (MALLORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Ibiza - Valencia
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Mahon (MENORCA) - Alcudia (MALLORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Mahon (MENORCA) - Barcelona
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Mahon (MENORCA) - Ibiza
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Mahon (MENORCA) - Palma (MALLORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Mahon (MENORCA) - Valencia
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Palma (MALLORCA) - Barcelona
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Palma (MALLORCA) - Ibiza
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Palma (MALLORCA) - Mahon (MENORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Palma (MALLORCA) - Valencia
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 8h and 11h
Valencia - Formentera
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 8h34 and 15h49
Valencia - Ibiza
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 4h58 and 5h59
Valencia - Mahon (MENORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Valencia - Palma (MALLORCA)
Trasmed Grimaldi, Balearia
Between 8h and 10h

How can I book my ferry ticket with Trasmed Grimaldi?

You can book your tickets in several ways:

  • Online, directly from our booking system in just a few clicks
  • By telephone by contacting our Customer Care Department.

We strongly recommend that you book in advance, especially in high season, to benefit from the best rates and availability.

What are the different types of cabins?

Depending on your preferences and budget, Trasmed Grimaldi offers various accommodation categories:

  • Economical interior cabins with 2 to 4 beds
  • Outside cabins with porthole or window
  • Premium and luxury cabins with private balcony
  • Luxury suites with large relaxation area
  • Accessible cabins for people with reduced mobility
  • Family cabins for up to 6 people

All cabins are equipped with private WC, individual air-conditioning and TV. Premium cabins also offer a minibar, hairdryer and toiletries.

Is it possible to embark my car on the Transmed Grimaldi ferry?

Absolutely! One of the great advantages of the Trasmed Grimaldi ferries is that you can take your vehicle (car, motorcycle, camper van) with you. When booking, you need to specify the exact dimensions of your vehicle, so that you can be assigned a suitable space in the garages.

For trucks and other large vehicles, please book with Move expert (freight ferry service).

What to expect on board a Trasmed Grimaldi boat?

Trasmed Grimaldi is committed to making your ferry crossing as pleasant as possible, offering a wide range of services:

  • Italian restaurants, pizzeria, grill, etc.
  • Bars, pubs and lounges to relax in
  • Swimming pools and sunbathing areas
  • Duty-free stores and other retail outlets
  • Activities for families and children (clubs, shows, games)
  • Free or paid wifi access, depending on the package chosen
  • Soundproofed cabins for a good night’s sleep.
  • Facilities and services may vary from ship to ship. The newest and largest ships offer the most services.
  • Swimming pools and sunbathing areas
  • Duty-free stores and other retail outlets
  • Family and children’s activities (clubs, shows, games)
  • Free or paying wifi access, depending on package
  • Soundproofed cabins for a restful night’s sleep

Facilities and services may vary by ship. Newer, larger ships offer the most services.

Does Trasmed grimaldi accept pets?

Yes, small pets are generally allowed on board, provided they are properly leashed or enclosed in a pet carrier. However, a surcharge will be applied, to be paid when purchasing your ticket.

It’s important to find out in advance about the regulations in force (breed, weight, maximum number per cabin, etc.), which can vary according to route and destination. Staff may refuse boarding in the event of non-compliance.

When are the best times to travel by ferry?

As with many ferry companies, Trasmed Grimaldi prices fluctuate greatly depending on the season:

  • High season from April to September (high prices)
  • Mid-season in May, June and September (intermediate prices)
  • Low season from October to March (lowest prices)

It is therefore advisable to avoid, as far as possible, the major school vacation periods (Christmas, February, Easter, July-August) when ships are often fully booked.

Are there any special discounts with Trasmed Grimaldi?

Yes, several discounts are available:

  • Large families (20 to 30% depending on the route)
  • Children under 12 (50% on the basis of 1 child per paying adult)
  • Students, seniors (10 to 20% on presentation of proof)
  • Residents of the balearic islands served on certain routes

Round-trip fares also offer savings of up to 20% compared with two one-way tickets.

How are boarding and disembarkation organized?

To ensure smooth boarding, there are a few rules to follow:

  1. Please arrive at the terminal between 2 and 3 hours before your scheduled departure time.
  2. First drop off your hand baggage at baggage claim. Then follow the instructions for vehicle boarding.
  3. Once on board, proceed to reception areas to collect boarding passes.

On arrival at destination, the process is reversed: pedestrians disembark first, before vehicles are retrieved from the garages.

Are people with reduced mobility PMR well catered for?

Yes, most Trasmed Grimaldi ships are fully equipped to welcome passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility:

  • Special cabins with adapted fittings
  • Elevators to all decks
  • Access ramps and enlarged circulation areas
  • Washrooms complying with PRM standards
  • Escorts authorized to provide assistance

However, it is essential to inform us of your special needs as soon as you make your reservation, so that we can offer you the best possible boarding conditions and dedicated service.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sarah Ikhlef
7 months ago
great booking experience and costumer service, they took care of my booking very effictively
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a week ago
Je bien apprécié l´attention de mon interlocuteure qui a bien pris soins de mes besoins. Services bien professionnel. Bon courage.
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Je fais la réservation de mon billet par téléphone, j'ai pris tout mon temps pour poser mes questions.La dame qui m'a réceptionnée était tellement patiente agréable et competente.Je tiens à la remercier pour sa patience!
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